The Story About Us

Mendi Herbs Ltd is one of the pioneering Alternative Medicines provider. This institution is managed by qualified professionals with experience and expertise in Alternative Medical Systems.

Our Vision is to provide the best quality treatments through highly qualified specialists, outstanding patient care, and through a personalized touch driven by these principles:

  • A long term partnership between patient and practitioner.
  • Appropriate use of Alternative Medicines in Tincture form.
  • Consideration of all factors that influence health, body, mind and spirit.
  • Use of natural, effective, less-invasive, interventions whenever possible.
  • Emphasis on the promotion of health and the prevention of illness.

Our Services: Herbal Tincture Treatments, Dietetic & Nutrition, Lifestyle changes.

Our Treatments: Pneumonia, Malaria, Urinary Tract Infections, Diarrhea, Ulcers & Gastritis, Children Chest Infections/Coughs.


Dr. Bilal Gafur.


Dr. Sabina N. Hanif


Dr. Bilal Gafur. and Dr. Sabina N. Hanif – Medical Director and Cofounder of Mendi Herbs Ltd, is an expert Alternative Medicine Specialist, registered by the Kenya Ministry of Culture.

A graduate of Bachelor of Alternative System of Medicines (B.A.M.S), and two Doctorate Degrees – Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines (M.D.A.M), and Doctor of Philosophy In Alternative Medicines (PhD), from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Calcutta, India.